Our Vision


Our Vision

“The Altamesa Church of Christ desires to be a diverse family where the love of Jesus creates a fellowship of love and belonging for all people.”


We are a church family. The decision to follow Jesus immediately creates a connection with other Jesus followers.  This connection leads us to invite and welcome everyone from all walks of life into our community. 

Loving Others

Love flows from the heart of God.  His commitment to the world compels us to action.  As God so loved the world, we initiate relationships with others to share ourselves and the love of God.  

Becoming like Jesus

The character of Christ is our model and aspiration. Living like Jesus creates a strong witness of sacrificial love and caring service to the world.  

Experiencing God transforming lives

God is the object of our worship. Our connection with one another is based on a shared experience of God who transforms us by the work of His Holy Spirit.  This transformation preserves our connection with God as individuals and as a church. Together, we surrender daily to God's reign and rule, and experience great joy and peace.