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The Offering

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Offering Tray
Each week we take up an offering (also referred to as the collection or contribution). This is an opportunity intended for Altamesa members. However, guests are also welcome to participate as well. The offering primarily goes to our general operating fund. This fund is for great causes like ministry to children, caring for the poor, and international missions; but is it also for taking care of our building, paying the light bill, and supporting our ministers. All of these are important to the ministry of our church family. Along with giving to our general operating fund, there are also special opportunities to give. Watch for these throughout the year.

The offering is most often collected right after communion. There is no judgment here if you do not wish to give. Just pass the tray on down to the next person. Before you do, this is a good time to turn in your Connection Card. Just place it in the tray.

Information about Giving online