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Alive: participating in God’s mission for the world

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 Has God’s mission grown dim in your heart?  The heart of the church?  Our country?  The world?  One of the methods the mission of God has moved for a millennia is by way of fire.  God revealed his mission in a burning bush.  He made himself known in a pillar of fire.  He came down like fire from the sky to engulf alters and open the eyes of blasphemers.  John declared that Jesus would come and baptize our souls with the Holy Spirit and fire.  God’s all-consuming mission still rings true today, and his people – both young and old – are invited by him to participate in kingdom work for the sake of the world.  The people of God ignited by the Holy Spirit with the love of God…a new generation of believers inviting neighbors to receive the restoring warmth of his grace.  The mission of God is alive and burning…and we are invited by him to fuel the fire.   This series starts August 5th.


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