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All In: spiritual momentum in Philippians

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Series Description: What if Philippians was absent from the New Testament?  Much would be lost in terms of God’s character, his redemptive plan for the world, the disciple’s response to such good news and the necessity of pursuing harmony in Christ as a community of faith.  In addition, as we read this letter carefully, we begin to notice that Paul writes this letter from a deep place of joyful contentment and peace, though he is in prison facing a possible execution.  We start to realize that his posture before and with the Lord has produced within him a calm assurance that God will be glorified in all things.  How is such spiritual momentum and maturity produced in one’s life?  In a church?  Join us over the next four weeks as we reflect on these truths and discover together how the Lord produces spiritual momentum in and among us. This series starts February 4th.