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Anticipation: Eucharist, Communion and Lord’s Supper - an Advent series

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The word ‘advent’ comes from the Latin adventus, which means ‘to come.’ In Christian theology it specifically refers to the arrival of Jesus Christ. As disciples of Jesus, our hearts celebrate Christ’s first coming to earth through the virgin Mary in the past; but, our souls also anticipate Jesus’ second coming in the future with great hope and joy. As we wait in the present, we pursue a life that reflects a deep love of God and neighbor with all our mind, heart and soul.  This Advent season, we will compare our understanding of Advent (past, present and future celebration) with our practice of Eucharist (gratitude for the past), Communion (remembering what Jesus did for us in present) and Lord’s Supper (looking forward to the heavenly banquet table).

Join us this Advent season as we celebrate Jesus – God with us.




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