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Courageous: living for God in Babylon

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In sixth century BC, Jerusalem and the temple of God had been destroyed and the Hebrews found themselves in Babylonian exile. Guilty of gross unfaithfulness, we discover a glimmer of hope among the exiles. We find wise captives who are guilty of faithfulness to Jehovah God and his law…and their courageous loyalty to God causes conflict in a foreign land. Daniel 1-6 reveals stories about four wise Judeans in the face of danger and death. However, as danger remained constant, the worldly powers surrounding them did not. As soon as Daniel found favor under one king, a new monarch would arise and he would have to start over. All of these changes in power divert the attention away from these four courageous Judeans and focus it instead on their faithful God…the ultimate source of their courageous faith.