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Join us Sunday, May 20th and meet Brian!

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Brian has been passionate about music ministry since his early teens. In 1991 he went from leading youth worship in the DFW area to touring and recording with the groups Acappella and AVB. He lived in Nashville for over 20 years and is coming to Altamesa after being in Dumas, TX for four years.
After almost 30 years in music and ministry, Worship Leading is what he connects to and holds most dear to his heart. If asked he will tell you, “Choosing to lay down all of our baggage the moment we walk through the church building doors is one of the most difficult tasks we have as a church family. Our prayer is to help each person go from arms crossed to hands lifted high to the comfort of our Savior.
And, if I’m doing my job correctly, the worship team and I disappear into the shadow of the cross."

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