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Listening Works: A Kingdom Value that Builds Community

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Listening Works: A Kingdom Value that Builds Community -
New Sunday Morning Adult Bible Class

The charter text for Christian listening might be James 1:19: “Let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.” It’s simple enough in principle, and nearly impossible to live. Too often we are slow to hear, quick to speak, and quick to anger. So, learning to listen well won’t happen overnight. It requires discipline, effort, and intentionality. You get better with time, they say. Becoming a better listener hangs not on one big resolve to do better in a single conversation, but on developing a pattern of little resolves to focus in on particular people in specific moments. In this series, we want to highlight the power of listening by introducing six important keys to practicing good listening. Each class will feature brief teaching points with generous time for discussion and the opportunity to create your own takeaways. This class starts August 5th, 10:15 am.


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