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The Way of Wisdom: contemplative living in a world of chaos

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In a world that is bursting with evil and thriving on chaos, there seems to be a shortage of wisdom…godly wisdom. For a devoted follower of God, where does wisdom come from and why is it valuable? Ancient sages – wise men and women of old – derived their understanding of God and life with God from what they saw or experienced; and, what others had seen or experienced. The nature of their insight came from a faithful pathway with God, specifically in daily living away from corporate worship and the faith community. The sages were concerned about questions like: how does one faithfully navigate areas of life like speech, family, and friendships? How does a believer respond to poverty, injustice and hatred? How can a Christian practice a contemplative life in a world full of chaos? Join us for this seven week series as we consider different aspects of life lived before God and how that wise path is the best way. This New Series begins Sunday, May 5. 

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