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Three in One: reflections on the divine community

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This Series starts February 3rd. 

Series Description: The truth that the one God of the universe meets us in three persons is thought to be among the most mysterious of all Christian teachings. In our best efforts, we have misunderstood the uniqueness, complexity and beauty of the triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit; and, at our worst, we have abandoned (or have been silent about…) the idea altogether due to our fear or inability to grasp the identity and distinctiveness of the trinity. As we encounter God in this series, we will set out to affirm the unity of purpose/mission and the distinguishable realities that the triune God embraces and exhibits. Join us for this invigorating study as we highlight some primary truths of the divine community and come away inspired to live out these kingdom realities for God’s glory and the sake of the world.          

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