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Yearning: longing for God to reveal what’s next  

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 Series Description: What do you long for in this life? What is it that you want? Truth be told, this time of year we are saturated by the schemes of marketers and can be persuaded to desire something that we do not need. However, this desire for something – this yearning – can be an intense feeling that is good.  Do we yearn for the things of God?  Do we yearn for God to reveal what is next? As we read about the post exile story of Israel, we can feel their sense of urgency for the Messiah to come. As the first advent of Jesus came near, we can sense the excitement that Elizabeth and Mary and for their sons, who would change the world forever. Join us over the next four weeks as we recapture and live out a yearning for God to reveal what’s next as we wait for Jesus to come again.   This series starts December 2.


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