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In our world today we are left without excuse: news travels instantly.  Through newspapers, television stations, the world wide web and especially social media, all five of our senses are provoked and convictions are formed.  So, unless your head is in the sand and you refuse to pay attention, you have a choice to make: how will you respond?  As followers of Jesus Christ, we must prepare ourselves to answer a more direct question: what is our gospel response to the things happening around the world?

It is not an option to say, “It doesn’t matter,” or “Let them deal with it.” Perhaps the richest six words in the Bible are, “For God so loved the world…”  All of it.  All of creation is loved and cherish by God.  So, how are we as disciples of Jesus paying attention to His world, representing Him well and participating in the work of His kingdom.  These are all things we will explore over the next four weeks in Pay Attention to the World.   

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