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Adult Education Resources

    We do not have any Bible classes taking place in our current environment. However, we recommend the free resources on this page as a way to pursue your own study of the Bible. Perhaps you can find ways to not only experience them for yourself, but share them with friends.

    This website is loaded with great resources that are COMPLETELY FREE thanks to the support of generous people around the world. It features helpful videos, insightful podcast conversations, and even an online classroom experiences.

    • Videos: watch helpful overviews of all books in the Bible, special themes, and important word studies.
    • Podcast: listen in as the podcast host talk through their ideas on the way to developing the framework for the all their videos.
    • Classroom: a new environment to go deeper in your study of the Bible.
    • Blog: articles that intersect with the videos as well as go beyond the videos.
    • Studies: created weekly especially for this season, each small group Bible study is a resource to work through on your own, with your family, or with your Journey Group.

    The Three-Column Bible Study is a simple method for gaining insight on a passage from the Bible. Here's how it works:

    1. Identify a paragraph (maybe 3-4 verses) or more from the Bible.
    2. Take a piece of notebook or printer paper (or use your journal), turn it longways (landscape), and draw two lines from top to bottom forming three columns.
    3. Title the first column "Scripture", the second column "My Words", and the third column "I Will".
    4. In the first column, write the passage word-for-word. In the second column, write the passage in your own words (perhaps like your own Message version of the Bible or as you would put it in words for a child to understand). In the third column, write down "I will..." statements inspired by the passage.
    5. Take time to reflect and pray before writing in each column.

    Three-Column Bible Study Worksheet PDF

    The Three-Column Bible Study can be used on your own, with your family, or in a small group (in-person or online). Use this method to study a large chunk (a chapter, a long story, a whole book, or a theme/word study) of the Bible in small bites.

    The three-column idea can be done verbally in a group as well. Here are some resources:

    • The Discover App provides a simple way for a group to work together. Watch the video and explore their website.
    • This website provides a simple overview of a Discovery Bible Study. Watch the video for a good overview.

    N.T. Wright Online Logo

    This website features the teaching of N. T. Wright, a world renown Bible scholar. While most of the resources require payment, there are some good free options: 

    Video Courses


    This smart phone app is a daily devotional resource that helps you pray the bible every day. 

    This smart phone app, rooted in the tradition of the Book of Common Prayer, is designed to develop long lasting spiritual rhythms of prayer and scripture readings.

    Dwell — Scripture Listening App

    This smart phone app provides a fresh new way to engage Scripture through listening. While full access requires a paid subscription, you can get limited access for free.

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