What's in our name?

What do you think of when you hear the word cast? Do you think of fishing? Going to the doctor after a broken arm? A group of people in a play? When you think about it, it’s a very diverse word:

  • traversing the scope of fishing (cast a line),
  • farming (casting seed), light (casting a light/shadow),
  • theatre (all-star cast),
  • marine navigation (cast sail/anchor, castaway),
  • sculpture (casting a mold), and medicine (a cast).

Each one of these, when partnered with Spiritual thought and the words of the Bible, can have a very rich theological meaning. We have boiled down the various definitions of the word “Cast” and turned it into 5 truths we want every teen who attends our program to learn, understand, feel, and know…

What We Do

It is very intentional that so many concepts, images, and ideas can come to mind with the word “Cast.” When it came to describing our weekly meeting times, we thought it was appropriate to go with the cast of theatre. So much work and so many people are necessary to make a play work. They are all a part of the cast. Likewise, as we are chosen by God, much work is needed to be provided by many different people in many different areas.

Here is how we break down our different weekly ministry events: