Chapel Class

    A Sunday morning Bible class featuring an informative biblical presentation as well as whole class and small group discussion and life application.

    Current Study

    Culture is everywhere. Even in the church. And that is not a bad thing. Too often, Christians see culture as an enemy—something other than and opposed to the church and Christian faith. Rather, culture is the way a church family does life together. It is the combined effect of the beliefs, values, and behaviors of that church family—most often in ways they are unable to see. You might even call culture the air we breathe or the water we swim in. However, we want to pay attention to this water because the culture of a church shapes our understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. In this series, we will look at various beliefs, values, and behaviors at the heart of the culture the apostle Paul nurtures to form Christlikeness in those around him.

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