Chapel Class

    A Sunday morning Bible class featuring an informative biblical presentation as well as whole class and small group discussion and life application.

    Current Study

    Just as a prologue in a book does, the first eleven chapters of Genesis provides Bible readers with a starting point and context for the story to come. However, Genesis 1-11 also serves as a prologue to the Pentateuch (Genesis-Deuteronomy) as well as to the whole Bible. In this opening movement, we find important stories that have informed generations for millennia about who God is, about our humanity, and about the world in which we live. But to be good readers of these stories, we must do our best to set aside our own questions and try to understand the questions of an ancient people, questions addressed by ancient stories—stories at the beginning of the book of beginnings.

    Starting in January

    Confused. Frustrated. Bored. If your experience with the Bible has felt like this, you’re not alone. The Bible is more available than ever before (the average American Christian household owns 11 copies) yet over 700 people per day give up reading it. In this video series, Glenn Paauw, Senior Director at the Institute for Bible Reading, introduces us to seven better understandings of the Bible that will help us recover a more engaged reading of the Bible. With each understanding presented, Paauw identifies deficiencies in how we currently interact with the Bible and then makes recommendations for a new practice that increases our ability to not only read but also to live the Bible well.

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