Chapel Class

    A Sunday morning Bible class featuring an informative biblical presentation as well as whole class and small group discussion and life application.

    Current Series - Begins Sunday, April 7

    “Is our gospel too small?”

    This is the question author and evangelist James Choung tackles in this video series on evangelism. James presents a way of talking about the gospel that acknowledges that Christ’s sacrifice on the cross offers believers more than just a ticket to heaven. The good news of the gospel is that God is calling believers to participate in his work of restoring creation to its original design. Such work includes actively reconciling people to each other and to God, bringing healing and testifying to the goodness of the kingdom of heaven that is already and is still to come. Rather than focusing on an individual making a one-time decision towards an eternally happy afterlife, the gospel message presented here emphasizes the ongoing process of transformation in the life of the believer in Christian community, living out a missional life here and now. Join us beginning Sunday, April 7 as we explore how to share the gospel as Jesus taught it.

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