Tribe Bible Class

    The Tribe class meets Sundays at 9 am in room A2. We pause our topic every so often to gather for a breakfast fellowship time.

    Starting in January

    The Gospel of Luke

    Most of what we know about Jesus we know from the New Testament. God could have inspired an author to include all the relevant stories about Jesus in one volume. But He didn’t. Instead, we have four Gospels that are very similar and very different. We know that Luke talked to eyewitnesses of Jesus, and he knew about other Gospels. But he wants to say more than the Gospels he knew about had said. He wants his readers to know about the nature of Jesus and the nature of the Father. And unlike the other three Gospel writers, Luke wants to tell the rest of the story. He knows that the story did not end when Jesus rose from the grave and commissioned his disciple to spread the Gospel. This study will focus on the extent of the connection between Jesus and the early church.

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