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If you were to walk into the NICU at Harris Methodist SW hospital you might see an isolet covered with a specially designed blanket made by Threads of Love (TOL). The blanket allows the nurses access to different parts of the isolet while keeping out noise and light. This helps the newborn stay in a deep sleep promoting growth and healing. Inside the incubator may be a tiny infant wearing a little hat and booties provided by TOL. You may also notice that the newborn is positioned in a certain way with the help of a TOL “bean bag” filled with tiny plastic pellets. Looking across the room you may see another infant wrapped in a blanket from TOL. These are just some of the support items delivered to Harris SW as well as Baylor All Saints and JPS. Working closely with the nursing staff, the Threads of Love volunteers provide what best supports the work in these hospitals.

Threads of Love is an international organization that began in 1993 when a pediatrician in Baton Rouge, La., saw a need for tiny burial gowns for premature infants too sick to survive. Soon, the nursing staff began requesting tiny clothes for the babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit who survived. These babies sometimes remain in the hospital for months. Since 1993, the organization has grown to include chapters in almost every state and in several foreign countries.

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Altamesa Church of Christ supports a joint ministry with Trademark Church. The group meets on the first Tuesday night of each month during the school year from 7-8:30 p.m.

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  • have fabric to donate

You could be of great service to the Threads of Love ministry. Donations are always appreciated.

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