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Choosing the Way, Not Sides: following the life and teachings of Jesus

Series Description: In our polarized culture, Christ followers must answer a question that will determine whether we allow the life and teachings of Jesus to reign and rule in our hearts and minds: are we placing our political preferences above the way of Jesus? Here’s why this matters: as long as we lead with our politics, we will reimagine Jesus fitting nicely within our political framework. In reality, the kingdom of God is political – it is a way of living – but it stands in contrast to anything this world offers. So, are we willing to embrace and embody the kingdom vision of Jesus when it requires us to be humble instead of prideful? When it requires us to serve rather than cancel? To love rather than demonize? To display gentleness and wisdom instead of strength and force? To pause and pray rather than publicly slander? Often times, our difficulty begins with our obsession to winning. We are willing to choose political sides and compromise our faith to get our way, instead of following the way of King Jesus, who subverts all other paths forward by the cross. Jesus invites us to place our trust only in the way of the kingdom of God and follow him. Join us over the next seven weeks as we commit our lives to the way of Jesus.


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