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Crossing the Jordan: faith lessons from Joshua

April 06, 2021

New Series starts Sunday, April 11

Series Description: God works within the context of different eras and in different ways. So, whatever is taught and understood about the book of Joshua (especially what we learn about God in a violent warfare context) must be set within the whole story of God. Restoration took shape in promises made to Abraham that included land as a gift to a nation. In the land, Israel was to live as light and a kingdom of priests drawing all nations to the Lord. For God’s people during the time of Joshua warfare was a part of taking the land; however, this moment in redemptive history has passed. And now, God invites the church to join him in a spiritual battle: sin, death, redemption, and the restoration of humanity to God. In Christ, the ultimate expression of God’s promise to Abraham and his descendants is fulfilled in Jesus’ selfless sacrifice and resurrection for the sake of the world. The ultimate plan of God was not land possession for a nation, but for all of humanity to be restored to God in Christ. As we walk through these ancient stories each week, we will consider the following questions: 

  •  What do we learn about God from these ancient stories?
  • How are these characteristics of God consistent but revealed differently in Jesus Christ?
  • How do these revelations of God help us to discern and embody God’s kingdom purposes for our lives?


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