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Family Matters: Hope and Freedom from Galatians for the Anxious Church

Traditions. Specifically, faith traditions that hold meaning in our lives can be helpful, but can easily become divisive. Things like prayer routines/customs, weekly communion, singing hymns, and who is able to serve and lead in the church all hold various levels of importance in our hearts and minds. In Galatians, Paul consistently uses familial language to emphasize that all are welcome in Christ Jesus as adopted sons and daughters – all of us matter (3:26-28; 4:1-7). As a faith family, the apostle wanted the church to know that some traditions are good, some become unnecessary, and others can be used for selfish gain. As Paul addresses his spiritual family, one matter stands out: all of us who have been crucified with Christ live by faith (2:20), and we embrace the kingdom vision of Jesus where we join God in making all things new. The Tradition behind all the traditions (5:6; 6:15). This is what unifies and gives life to the church. Join us for this 10 week series where we will consider Paul’s wisdom for the anxious church and find hope and freedom for our souls.

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