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Gospel of Mark: the miracles, the cross, and the call to discipleship


Series Description: In a time of longing for liberation from Roman power, the setting for Mark’s gospel includes waiting for socio-political deliverance, economic restoration, and spiritual redemption. Mark is a unique gospel that abruptly moves at breakneck speed, with everything happening ‘immediately.’ Jesus is the focus of Mark (of course)…but maybe not the Jesus you know. Mark’s is a subversive gospel that overturns expectations and assumptions, especially about Jesus. Specifically, this gospel is not necessarily for unbelievers to learn about Jesus. It is more for churches who have heard Jesus’ teachings and have failed to live them out. It is for believers who have gradually been shaped by societal values like power-seeking, prestige-questing, and social-credential collections. Through the miracles, the cross, and unique calls to discipleship in Mark’s gospel, Jesus aims to jolt people back to a faithful, kingdom-oriented reality. Join us over these five weeks as we turn to follow Jesus, the Son of Man.  

Tags: discipleship, cross, miracles

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