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House of Healing: restorative stories from the gospels and church

Series Description: The church is made up of people who navigate through life together, including the hurts. Some of those wounds are deeper and more traumatizing than others, but we are all affected by the hurt. Tragically, often times, hurt people in the church, either purposely or unintentionally, hurt people. Therefore, as disciples, we should be curious about our participation in this question: How does the church relate to and help those who have been harmed by the church? How can we be the good news of Jesus for those who have been hurt by other believers through their prideful coercion, reckless abuse, and unchecked selfishness? Join us for this six week series as we consider stories of hurt and trauma in the gospels and the church and are encouraged to be formed by Holy Spirit into wounded healers, who participate in cultivating a safe space for people to find rest for their souls and a renewed purpose with God.  

Tags: church, healing, gospels

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