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Re-Imagined: unfamiliar perspectives from the Advent story

November 28, 2021

Series Description: Good stories always captivate our imaginations and draw us into the world that is being described. God’s story throughout Holy Scripture uses prophetic imagination and truths to tell the best story ever told. Specifically, the Advent story captures perspectives of people that are mentioned and others that often go unseen or are not recorded. What about the prophecies of exiled Israel and how they foresaw a day of deliverance and hope? Jesus’ earthly father, Joseph, is mentioned; but, how does his perspective help us know more about God’s story? What about the people of Bethlehem? We are not told much about their response to the Savior being born in their town? How can our imaginations help us see some things that often go unseen? What about Jesus’ immediate family? What can we learn from them about following King Jesus? Join us this Advent season as we anticipate the coming of Christ through some unfamiliar perspectives. 

Tags: advent, perspectives, unfamiliar

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