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Reign of God: kingdom characteristics of Isaiah and Jesus

September 26, 2021

Series Description: The reign of God has come and is coming. As John the Baptist, and ultimately Jesus, declared “The kingdom of God is coming,” they were not referring to a place. It was about a happening. It means God’s presence, God’s coming to deliver us and reign over us. In order to connect with his listeners, Jesus often quoted from a scroll that was readily available to the people – the prophet Isaiah. As Jesus announced the coming of the kingdom (reign) of God, he used words and phrases from Isaiah that proclaim the key themes of God’s reign. In fact, 17 passages from Isaiah can be linked to Jesus’ teachings announcing the reign of God. In the end, seven main characteristics can be identified in Isaiah and in Jesus’ teachings portraying the reign of God. In this series we will identify these themes and ask: how do we recognize these characteristics of God’s reign? As we choose to embody these kingdom characteristics, how are we changed? How can the world around us be impacted by God’s reign when these characteristics are evident in the church? Join us for this six-week series as we expand our view of the reign of God and choose to live more fully for King Jesus.   



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