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Rend Your Hearts: God’s faithfulness in the dry landscape of Joel

Series Description: As modern day readers of the book of Joel, we should acknowledge that the message serves as a relevant warning for us. When we intentionally choose to neglect worship of God or turn away from God (individually or collectively), we suffer in a variety of the Judeans did in the days of Joel. As the book opens, there is only despair in a dry and weary land because of two natural disasters. Did God do this? As modern readers, we tend to quickly answer, “No, God would not do that.” This ancient text will challenge us to at least ask: when tragedies of any kind take place, how can we be moved to sorrow, silence, curiosity, and if need be, genuine repentance? Join us for this four week series as we consider how to rend our hearts before God, especially during difficult seasons of life.  Starts February 5.


Tags: tragedies, despair, sorror

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