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Sent: participating in God’s kingdom purposes

October 17, 2021

Series Description: One of the keys to the Christian faith is a life of simple, authentic discipleship: a peculiar pathway pursued in community to grow in the life and mission of the Trinitarian God. In our heritage (Churches of Christ), there has been a resurgence that declares: discipleship begins and ends with the divine community: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – a unifying doctrine (as it was in the early church). With this central focus in mind, we are sent by God to participate in God’s kingdom purposes for the sake of the world. In this series, we will explore our hope that includes the entire biblical story from creation to new creation; our commitment to studying and meditating on Scripture; our practice of the Lord’s Supper and baptism and how these sacraments encourage missional living; and our motivation to live missionally for the glory of God…wherever we are. So, you’re invited to join us as we set out to grow in the life and mission of our Trinitarian God.     

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