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Unleashed: God empowering the church for kingdom realities

Series Description: As is the case in all of Scripture, God is the primary character in the story of Acts. This means Acts is rooted in the larger story of God. This is why other primary disciples of Jesus in Acts – like Peter, Stephen, and Paul – repeatedly look to God’s faithfulness in Israel’s story as they travel proclaiming Jesus as Messiah and Lord to all people, whether they are in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, or the ends of the earth. At every turn the spread of the good news about King Jesus is initiated by God and empowered by the Spirit. The things that happen to the people in the narrative are not random, but there is divine purpose to it all – the story is going somewhere. As we read this text, we begin to realize that we too are a part of the story. And now, just as God unleashed his early church to bring to life his kingdom vision for the world, the church today is empowered by Holy Spirit to illuminate kingdom of God realities for the sake of the world. Join us for this 10 week series as we seek to grow as active participants in God’s kingdom.


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