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    Watching online? Use these resources to make the most of your experience.


    Choose the best way to watch and get it ready in time for the start of the service. While you can watch our service on any device with a connection to the internet, we have found that the best experience for many people is watching on a TV with a good sound system connected. This format makes it easer to see the participants and graphics as well as providing the best sound experience. Download our Roku or Apple TV channel on your TV. You can also connect an external device (phone, tablet, or computer) to your TV through an HDMI cable or wirelessly through Air Play or Chromecast.


    It might be tempting to sit and watch the worship service as you might watch a TV show or movie, but we encourage you to actively participate with us.

    Sing with us. If you don't know the songs, follow along with the words at the bottom of the screen. You can also check our Order of Worship page online. We publish this on Thursdays. This page includes a link to our YouTube page where you can find a playlist of the songs we sing each week.

    Pray with us. Pause with us as we focus our hearts on the Lord. We invite you to share a prayer request through email.

    Take communion with us. To do so, we encourage you to take some steps to have it ready for communion time. It doesn't take much, just some grape juice and flat bread. If you would like to make your own communion bread, here are a couple of recipes: Recipe #1. Recipe #2.


    Let us know you are watching by sending an email to or use social media to like, comment, and share. If you are a guest, use our online Guest Connection Card form to communicate with our church staff. On this form you can tell us more about yourself and share a prayer request.

    Guest check-in form

    CLICK HERE to receive an email every Sunday morning at 9:30 am with information and links for the worship service that day.

    Looking for more? Try these resources.

    A Beginner's Guide to the Bible

    The Story of the Bible in 7 Episodes

    A Beginner's Guide to Understanding the Story of the Bible

    The Bible is a big book that can be overwhelming if you are just getting started.
    This resource can help you make sense and get more out of it.


      More Adult Education Resources

      Check out  our Adult Education Resource Page for recommended online resources you can use individually, with your family, or with a small group.


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