One of the best ways to experience an ongoing sense of fellowship in a church family is to regularly participate with a class, group, or ministry. Each of these environments give us the chance to mature in faith and grow in our love for one another and love for God. This happens as we make our way through three important aspects of our interaction with Scripture. The first is knowing the Bible in which we become literate with the information in the Bible. The second is doing theology in which, by the help of God’s Spirit, we consider how a particular passage or theme from the Bible relates to our current situation and the world around us. The third is living the gospel in which we put the first two tasks into practice in a way that brings life, hope, and love to the people around us.

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While we are constantly doing all three of these tasks simultaneously, you might say that our classes lean into the first task, our groups provide opportunity for the second task, and our ministries engage us in the third task. Read on to learn more about our classes, groups, and ministries.

Journey Groups, our small group ministry, meet together each week to grow, learn, have fun, and develop friendships! Join one our groups, make some new friends, and walk together through the good times and hard times of life. Doing life in community is about belonging and knowing that you are not alone. You can learn more about current group availability when placing membership.


A Beginner's Guide to the Bible

The Story of the Bible in 7 Episodes

A Beginner's Guide to Understanding the Story of the Bible

The Bible is a big book that can be overwhelming if you are just getting started.
This resource can help you make sense and get more out of it.


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    Check out  our Adult Education Resource Page for recommended online resources you can use individually, with your family, or with a small group.


      The Three Tasks of Reading the Bible

      The Bible can be hard to understand. Even when it is easy to understand, figuring out how and when to apply it can leave us perplexed, stuck without purposeful action. Yet, there is a reliable pathway through the confusion of Bible reading and wise life application.

      The Three Tasks of Reading the Bible

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        Our ministries give us the opportunity to share our gifts, abilities and passions with one another for the sake of service to others in the name of Jesus. We hope you will join in with us. While some of our ministries require a formal statement of membership with Altamesa, many of our ministries are open to whoever is interested in serving others. Take some time to explore our ministries and find a place to serve. Scroll through the options below or GO DIRECTLY TO OUR MINISTRIES PAGE.

        Heart to Heart


        Heart to Heart seeks to glorify God by providing support for women in crisis or in highly stressful situations. As a small group, we strive to...

        Community Lunch


        Our ministry provides lunch for people in the community every Tuesday. We desire to change lives by showing God’s love through hospitality and...

        Threads of Love


        Threads of Love provides clothing, blankets and other handmade articles to area hospital NICUs to serve the needs of tiny premature and sick...