Prayers of the People

Prayers of the People is our opportunity to respond to God through an experiential time of confession, prayer, support, and encouragement. Typically, this time will happen early in our service after some singing and before communion. The time begins with a meditation guiding us into God’s presence and prayer. Following the prayer there are several options:

  • You are welcome to stay seated and spend this time in silent prayer. Take in the song or read from scripture and let the words inspire your prayer.

  • You are invited to visit a prayer station and write out specific confessions or requests to take home or leave in a prayer tree at the station.

  • You can reach out and ask for prayer from one of our leaders who will be standing throughout the worship center.

  • Some of our members find this a good time to go and pray over someone.

  • This is also a time to connect with someone to talk about baptism.